Bluebells (mild) and Buckwheats (wild), native to the mesic shrub steppe

Bluebells and Buckwheats are wildflowers native to the mesic upland shrub steppe found in southeastern Washington. Each of these two herbaceous understory plants fill quite different niches. Thyme-leaf Wild Buckwheat (Eriogonum thymoides) is drought tolerant and commonly found growing in rocky soils on slopes and ridges in sagebrush covered desert lands. Bluebells do not survive without plentiful moisture and shade. A member of the Borage family (Boraginaceae), the Bluebell is partial to locations near springs and streams. Small Bluebell (Mertensia longiflora) is one of the earliest spring bloomers, showing up in moist meadows and aspen groves where the tag tail end of snowdrifts may still be seen.

Bluebells Mild & Buckwheats Wild epitomize the range of experience, tender to tough, that describes so much of rural life.

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